Help make Ontario greener.

The Ontario Deposit Return Program has one simple goal: to help protect the environment. While the Blue Box has been — and continues to be — an effective method of recovering recyclable material, the Ontario Deposit Return program boosts recovery rates to an even higher level. The best part is that it's easy for you to make a difference. All you have to do is bring your empty eligible wine, beer and spirit containers to The Beer Store (or other designated Bulk Return Locations) and claim a full refund of your deposit.

It may be surprising to learn that each year, 80 million alcohol bottles, cans and containers end up in Ontario landfills. The Ontario Deposit Return program helps preserve valuable greenspace by diverting these items to a recycling facility where they can be used to create new products like new glass bottles and fibreglass insulation. The program also frees up room in your Blue Box so Ontarians can maximize the amount of items recovered, recycled and put to environmentally safe use.

To learn more about the program's environmental benefits, click here.